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Shocker. Clay Aiken is out finally.

And yea, we all knew that Clay's Christian, mid-west, mom-jean-a'wearing fanbase weren't going to take too kindly, but hey ladies... get real. Its not like any of you could have possibly been attracted to this andro, flat-ironed Southern boy. If you are a real fan, be happy for him that's he happy.

I'm evading my point, which is 72-fold. As a spiritual atheist, I must say, Christianity's whims and bends are never a surprise to me. I don't even mind Christians. What I hate, HATE is the bossiness of so many religious people (not just Christians). No one likes a know-it-all - especially when your points are contradicted constantly. Have some integrity in your faith and PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY. If you believe in whatever you do, respect that everyone is different and probably come from different places, believing different things. Don't be offended if people don't think your boyfriend is cute.

And not to turn Clay Aiken's coming out into some soap box for anti-religion, (because its not - I'm discussing all the dull colors of that intersection of homophobia, religion, ignorance and dogma) but come on. I can't wait to see the day when the hateful, spiteful, dogmatic, shitfaces finally learn that their ignorance is harmful. Unfortunately, I know that day is never going to come.

Plus, I bet 90% of homophobic people are just secretly burning with curiosity.

I'm not being coherent, but believe you me, now that Clay is out, I can finally respect the guy. No, not just respect, but I would even happily set him up with my best gay.


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