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smile korto

okay, sure, korto's model really never expresses any form of feeling or passion, but i half expect that from a model.

more importantly, has anyone seen KORTO express a lil' smile or pep in her walk? every moment she explains her design to the judges is all the same. it;s like she's purposely hiding her enthusiasm and passion for her work to come off like she is top notch and frankly these challenges are a bore to her.

".. so this is what i did and this is why and ...yeah. this is it." no ta da! no 'my work is tha shit!'. nothin. just a "meh... here ya go." and after consistant praisesfrom all judges, all you get is a small smirk and a barely heard thanks.

get over yourself korto. it wont hurt you to be yourself.

Oh this season!


WHAT THE EFF, Bravo?? I can't believe this! I know we still have a year, but honestly, I'm verklemmt. So much so, that it has put a stain on this season for me.

However, I still have opinions. My main pressing one is...

Why is Pasta Joe still in this competition? (ps do you know how hard it is to find a picture of Pasta Joe on Bravo?!)

I mean, did you SEE this shit? Last time we had a straight guy on here for so long was Vincent and may we all be reminded daily what mess he first sent down the runway.

And quickly, before I delve into other things, who do I guess for the win?

However, do you think it'd kill her model to have a little emotion in her face that wasn't SUICIDAL.

More later!
Let me just say, I love Tim Gunn. Here is what he said about Victorya in a Chicago Tribune interview:

MR: I don’t really understand why she was so upset. Can you explain that to me?
TG: “She was sourpuss, a crabby apple as I keep saying, throughout almost all the show, other than Days 1, 2 and 3. She became this sour pill. Rich Bye, one of the executive producers, and I had two off camera interventions with her.


“On one occasion – they edited this out, I knew they would – we were at Mood [Fabrics], and I’m handing out money. They each have $250 dollars. She collects the envelopes from all the designers and hands them back to me. She said, ‘I want you to count it.’ I just stared at her. ‘You want me to do what?’


“But that’s what it was like dealing with her. She actually said about Jack’s departure that we had engineered him leaving because he wasn’t a pretty face anymore."

I definitely need to post about my experience watching the finale at a bar in the Castro. So AMAZING.
Yay Christian!


All I'm going to say about the On Garde episode is...


Ahem. OK. Now for this last week's episode. WTF!!! Alright, let me preface this by saying I saw Tim Gunn on The Daily Show and he said he "often" disagrees with the judges decisions. But what about the shows insane direction? How were the designers suppose to infuse their "vision" with a fucking stripper/wrestler outfit? Ya know? I mean, OK, I'll admit Christians came the closest to that.

But still!

I think it goes without me spelling it out that I thought this challenge was absolutely ridiculous. Hmmph!

I mean, I sort of have an opinion on Sweet Pea's outfit (dumb move to go monochromatic) and Ricky's losing outfit (not at all wrestler), and I even want to deconstruct Rami's pink atrocity, but no. I just... can't muster the energy.

But OK fine, Chris's and Jillian's outfits were sort of badass.

I dunno, I wasn't even entertained by Michael Kors this week. Maybe I'm just grumpy?

But I'd never thought I'd see the day when these worlds collided.

Victorya... blllleehhh

I won't do another little PR blog yet, but I cannot let this picture slide by:

Victorya IS a total stick in the mud. They probably based judging not on the outfits this week, but by this picture. She just wants to complain and be miserable.

God, there is just TOO MUCH to say about that photo. I lol'd.

Prom Dresses... FINALLY!

Now THIS is an episode I get behind: Prom!

So I'm going ALL OUT here. Well, not really, but this post will NEED a cut, OK?

First of all, I LOVED the Christian/Client drama. SO MUCH.
Prom Dresses Meet Diva Designers!Collapse )

And what outfit would I choose to wear to the prom...

Chris March and I are CLEARLY soulmates. I love this. And MiniRachael Ray looks fabu! Minus the end-of-the-night prom hair.

PS. I hate that how fucked over Kevin was, but yea... that dress was awful. Michael Kors says: CHEAP! In an octive that even I cannot reach.

The Joy of Candy

Sorry to spam, but these are fresh in my mind! And here we go again with the weird PR gimmicks. Chocolate factory? Come on! Well, at least Chris March was in his element.

How much of a bitch did I feel when Elisa talked about almost dying. After all that Elise hate... SNAP.

But that all dissipated when she was auf'd. Know why? Because her dress was WEIRD as SHIT. I will not echo Ricky's words when he said, "Looks a little Barney Rubble to me." Simply because the reference escapes me... but it looks a little...

Last minute Halloween extra fabric throw together?

And I don't care about the winner because this challenge annoyed me. These poor designers. So silly!

BUT, I do still love Michael Kors. Here is what The Dutchess had to say today:
"Where's the joy?" Brown velvet dress at the flea market... silver shower caps. He's got a vaguely entertaining point. Look, Michael Kors is just looking for the JOY OF CANDY, OK?!

PS. Chris March and I cry for the abandoned Reese's.

PR: What's the Skinny?

I'm way laggin' on my PRness, but I FINALLY caught up. Usually, I wouldn't lag, but let me just stress again... Yawn.

So let me start with Steven's auf'ing. I watched this episode with my gay boys in Miami and apparently they hated Steven. I tolerated him...

until this episode.

As a girl who lost over 80lbs, I must say, this episode was interesting for me because A) I wanted to burn all my old clothes and B) I love it when people are proactive about their lives!

That's why Steven's outfit was SUCH an insult! Among 20 million other reasons but I want to CATCH UP!

And OMG I love my little hair elf Christian. This was so CUTE.

I also loved Kevin's yellow thing.

I did NOT love Good Ship LollyPop. BUT I was glad to have Chris March back. My forever Bear.

And listen, if The Dutchess Michael Kors DIDN'T say "matronly" this episode, I might have been too disappointed to keep watching all together.

Oh yea, sorry about your face, Jack. Enjoy your incestuous sex with Dale from Top Chef! Hot!

Blah. This season is .... :/

I didn't want to write about the menswear challenge, because, let's be honest... it was BULLSHIT! Menswear? Come on! That's no fair and... dare I say... boring?

But really, Sweet P's outfit provided a good, hardy laugh. Oh that neckline. I love it. How did she stick around?

Oh yea... because of this. Awful.

And why did all the male models look short and squat?


But seriously. Show over. Chris March is gone and my heart is broken. This episode (along with last week's) was boring. I don't even want to talk about it.

I just want the Duchess to step it up. MOB: Mother of the Bride again? It's almost as if MK: Michael Kors got jumped by a bevy of MOB's. I'm guessing MOB fashion is out?

PS. How fat would this make you look?!?!

PPS: Stop trying to make me like Elisa!! >:(

Week 2: The growing rug

Two watches and three PR blogs later, I've come to the conclusion that poor awkward-eye contact Marion def had the worse dress in PR history. I even considered the mounting evidence against Santino and a piece or two from Chole's final collection (yeah, I said it)... but Marion's growing, rug-that-a-dog-gave-birth-on definitely takes the cake. By the end of runway critique, I thought for sure the model would be drowning in brown, hey-like fabric waving for help.

Now, the tragedy is that skirt is CUTE. Not Bitton cute, but definitely NY&Co cute... which are worlds apart. And I love the boots. The hair styling on this was obviously perfect, but only helped to create the imagery of what the Duchess (what my lovely gays at Project Rungay call Michael Kors) so gracefully called a "Poccahontas motif".

But seriously, $15 for fabric! As a lady who use to sew her own clothes (uglily), $15 in fabric usually gets you calico prints and ugly colored jersey. Which is why I understand the growth problem Marion's top had.

But, TBH, why did SJP (omg how cool was that -- and I just realized I used 3 acronyms in one sentence.... internerd) even PICK Marion's design in the first place? I thought for sure she'd pick Jillian simply because SJP and Jillian are separated at birth.

(Observe: & )

I'll tell you who should have won the overall challenge though:

The styling is what really makes this outfit though, I do admit. However, the short leggings and sweater as soo SJP. And really, it'd probably be the only thing I'd buy.

More of the runway looksCollapse )

Time for this week's Michael Korism/The Duchess' Gayism of the Week: "Give her a couple of button earrings and she's on the Facts of Life."

Genius. But it impresses the fact that Christian really needs to work on stepping up his gayisms if he wants to join the heavy weights of MK and Chris March (how cute is he?!).

And as for Ricky's hats... you called it skip. Gay Zebra Train Conductor... Chooooo Choo. Get that guy some zebra print or mesh Kleenex.