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Interview w/Chris March & Kevin Christiana

Interview with Chris March & Kevin Christiana. It's a good one!
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You know, Jerell is like this little sternum baring fairy that you kind of give a pass to because he's not offensive in anyway. But it was like waking up with new eyes with last night's episode. Jerrel is no longer invisible to me. He's a contender. Not as strong as Korto or LeAnne, but he could probably put up a good fight.

How come I never realized Jerell before??? Maybe its just me?

And I can't believe Kenley talked that way to Heidi. You should NEVER provoke Heidi enough where she has to make this face at you. Its like she is summoning the gods of fashion to pelt down bolts of tulle fabric to swallow Kenley right up. Here's your fucking tulle, bitch.

Like the boys at Project Rungay said, while Kenley's "crimes" have mostly been her fabric choices, she still has no idea how to take criticism.

I mean FERREAL. Rolling your eyes in front of the judges? Who the fuck do you think you are? SANTINO? Not uh. I think Kenley suffers big time from a lack of socialization. Maybe a little too much time on a tugboat? Not enough time with kids on the playground. Because she is REALLY acting like she's making up for lost time.

And not hugging in the group hug? Why don't you just stamp your feet and hold your breath, you damn child. Tim Gunn is THROUGH WITH YOU!

Kenley, the world isn't against you. You are just against yourself. Deep, I know. I was a psych major.
Shocker. Clay Aiken is out finally.

And yea, we all knew that Clay's Christian, mid-west, mom-jean-a'wearing fanbase weren't going to take too kindly, but hey ladies... get real. Its not like any of you could have possibly been attracted to this andro, flat-ironed Southern boy. If you are a real fan, be happy for him that's he happy.

I'm evading my point, which is 72-fold. As a spiritual atheist, I must say, Christianity's whims and bends are never a surprise to me. I don't even mind Christians. What I hate, HATE is the bossiness of so many religious people (not just Christians). No one likes a know-it-all - especially when your points are contradicted constantly. Have some integrity in your faith and PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY. If you believe in whatever you do, respect that everyone is different and probably come from different places, believing different things. Don't be offended if people don't think your boyfriend is cute.

And not to turn Clay Aiken's coming out into some soap box for anti-religion, (because its not - I'm discussing all the dull colors of that intersection of homophobia, religion, ignorance and dogma) but come on. I can't wait to see the day when the hateful, spiteful, dogmatic, shitfaces finally learn that their ignorance is harmful. Unfortunately, I know that day is never going to come.

Plus, I bet 90% of homophobic people are just secretly burning with curiosity.

I'm not being coherent, but believe you me, now that Clay is out, I can finally respect the guy. No, not just respect, but I would even happily set him up with my best gay.

We're so mom jeanin' this.

Sorry Jerell, I love you, but this shit is CHAAAA- EEEEEP. Cheap!

I don't see pop star, I see Hep B and questionable/possible male gentalia.

But really Kennely, if you want to be a bitch, you might want to do it to people who DON'T have major influence in the fashion world. Girl, piss off Nina and you are done. No spread in Elle for you. And PS. Tim doesn't get you because your design is clouded by your stank ego.


And can we talk about the model drama? I can't believe LeAnne switched Suede's model. All I ever notice from Suede's model is her dopey smile. CONSTANT. But what do I know? All my information of runway walking comes from the tome of Ms. J from ANTM.

And we know that's just plain silly (thanks, fourfour).

One last thing before I forget - how HOT is LeAnne??? I mean, for real! Rapping, making a mockery out of Kennely's shitty (dare I steal from LL) "mom jeans" (oh, I dare) and best of all having some kickass hair. Major props for drinking in Kennely's foot-stamping with grace and subtle smiles.

And just to "mote", if you will, Kennely one more time:

Oh yea. Totally hip-hop.

Why Suede should have been auf'd long ago

I think mostly out of disbelief, I'm going to post all of Suede's creations. A little perspective, if you will. And I have to ask, are they keeping him around because he's so weird? The Gay Boys over at Project Rungay had it right when they said, "By the way, we think the constant playacting must be getting to [Suede] at this point. He looked EXHAUSTED through the whole episode. Maybe if he hadn't used up all his energy playing "Suede," he could have allocated some of it to actual design and execution."
And its not even an interesting character he plays. God I love Michael Kors for calling out the third person speak as bullshit and presumptuous. Well played, Duchess.

Alright, on with the Suede Parade:

1st outfit. Fit and taste issues already apparent.

I'll give this one to Suede a little bit. Its interesting and the low-waisted party dress idea isn't half bad. Its how SHITTY the fit is that drives me nuts. Everything is so baggy in the bodice. Not to mention, that neckline is just bizarre.

Hated it so much. The fit, the tackiness. This boy was meant to design for Basic. Not even Forever 21... but Basic.

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I rest my case.

Project Runway video blog. Cracks me up I tell ya!

Kenley for the lose!

I really dislike Kenley.

Her laughing on the runway, her clear inability to be happy for her cohort, her lack of DIVERSITY and her lack of maturity. My god.

Don't get me started on this flesh colored belt. How DARE she!

I love the preview of the next show where even Tim is fed up with her. I think Kenley has what it takes to get Nina out of her chair and slap her.

Bryant Park Collection Sneak Preview!

Just a head's up -
6 designers from Season 5 Project Runway's Bryant Park Collections can be seen HERE:

There isn't all of them, but a good amount.

Suede and Joe make me want to barf. They should marry each other and maybe Joe's clothes (which are always too small) and Suede's clothes (which are always ill-fitted) can combine to make a mishmash of ugly squorts and tube tops. Just saying.

I love Leanne's collection. Reminds me of tidepools.

And cross-referencing ANTM, I saw Eugiena, Bianca, Niama, Danielle, and Debevc who got kicked off on one of the first episodes before even making it to the top 12 (Debevc is amazing. She's in such high demand now and is captivating. Good thing she wasn't on Top Model.).